Red Tiger about reworking old slots, high volatility and innovation

Red Tiger Gaming

The other day Slot Beats published an interesting interview with the Business Development Director of Red Tiger Gaming, Carl Ejlertsson. He answered the topical questions clearly and in essence. In particular, about the trend of new versions of old slots, innovations and popularity of high volatility.

In his opinion, modern slots with high volatility are better-called slots with high winning potential. Since the actual volatility is low and high, it becomes only due to the huge maximum winnings. Read the translation of the interview below.

In recent weeks we’ve been watching the release of new slots, such as Gonzo’s Quest. Why do developers insist on updating old games?

I think it uses the wrong tone of the question because they “insist” sounds negative. In Red Tiger, we created different versions of the games, such as Mystery Reels and Dragon’s Fire, and they were all successful.

Good intellectual property is good intellectual property, and it is not limited to one-time use. Cameramen and consumers all have confidence in the slot they have enjoyed before, so suppliers are placing a safer bet on the brand, as is the case with brand slots developed on movies, TV series or groups.

Players are tied up with happy memories and it makes sense to run the slot again, especially when you can also use newer mathematical models or features. A mixture of old and new can be a happy union.

Do players prefer slots that they already know? If so, why?

Most players feel comfortable with what they already know is human nature. Generally speaking, we go to the same bars and eat similar dishes in the same restaurants. We all rely on what we know. Slots are not an exception.

Of course, when we are hungry for adventure or bored with routine, we try something new. But the reason for this routine is that it’s easier than change. You don’t always want to risk being disappointed.

Since the market is full of slots, is there a lack of originality in new slot machines? How does the industry solve this problem?

Originality is not the main thing for most companies that work in this industry. Each game does not have to be an embodiment of innovation, and there is no need to give something completely new. To use similar functionality in different ways is also a good solution. We all work for progress, which is obvious, but it doesn’t make sense to create something new just to make it new.

Most vendors are happy to take advantage of industry trends instead of piercing their own path. It’s more important to have consistency in creating good quality content. I am convinced that the industry is not yet completely overloaded. Yes, there is a lot of competition, but I haven’t heard casino operators complain about it.

If we had a game that people really like, we wouldn’t get rid of it just because it’s not much different from the next game. Good functionality is not only good once. The practicality of all this keeps us from forgetting that we’re all trying to create games that players want to play, not to go down in history as people who reinvented the wheel.

Why is there a growing trend in the number of slots with high volatility?

It must be important to define what we mean by slots with high volatility. We are not talking about the original three drum slots in land-based casinos with good prizes. Compared to them, today’s online slots offer a gaming experience with low volatility but super high potential. This is where the volatility comes from. Now the activation of features is less frequent, but with higher potential, and slots are more friendly to the players in the main mode.

This is a mathematical concept that fits the latest generation of players. It gives them time to play and they are happy to get involved, it also gives a chance to win expensive features.

This trend has been gaining momentum for the last three years because this mathematical concept is working. The idea of MegaWays attracted a lot of attention to the concept and introduced the industry to it. The previous games had similar models, so it is not completely new. It’s just that there are so many more now. It’s more accurate to call them slots with high winning potential rather than slots with high volatility.

Why do more developers and operators create slots with high volatility?

It’s very simple, developers use a trend, and operators like it because it works. Although I wouldn’t say that both always make a conscious decision, it’s the market that decides. The truth is that making these types of games is not necessarily profitable for them, because they create high volatility for their margins, risking their profits as a result.

But they have to do it because this is what the players want. The supplier or operator, who opposes the trend, can be called brave because the players will vote with their feet or in this case, it will be more appropriate to say thumbs if they do not like the new game.

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