Stakelogic launches Greenlogic partnership programme

Stakelogic launches Greenlogic partnership programme

Following in the footsteps of some other developers, Stakelogic now offers a partnership programme where other studios can create game content and distribute it through their channels. Apparently, this scheme is becoming a popular trend.

Stakelogic will provide partners with customer access, certification, localisation and internal integration. In return, it will put its logo on their games. The logo of the partner who created the game will also be displayed. The development process itself will be controlled by Stakelogic. The development costs of the games will be shared. Stakelogic will receive part of the revenue for its services.

Although it is a rather obscure supplier of game software, the company claims to have a “dominant position in numerous markets“. Through the partnership programme, the developer intends to diversify its portfolio.

The Greenlogic programme was designed to be able to offer even more diverse content. It is based on the principle that 1+1=3. Together, the development partner and Stakelogic create more value than one alone. The first game of the Greenlogic programme will be released in September.

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