What can I ask in an online casino chat before making a deposit?

What can I ask in an online casino chat before making a deposit?

Few people read the entire sheet of text “casino rules online”. I have prepared a small memo that you can use if you need it. You will most likely not read the rules of the new casino, and everything you need to know is directly available in the support chat room. This is what they are for: answering players’ questions.

What questions do you need to ask in the casino support chat room?

I think it’s better to deal with all the questions from the start and then make a deposit and play. Keep the page bookmarked, and if necessary, copy these questions directly to the online casino chat room of your choice. So, questions for online casino chat before you take your bonus:

  • Check if I have a multi-account or I don’t remember registering with you or not.
  • Does the deposit casino bonus apply to my GEO (for my country)?
  • Which Wager? Wager for bonus only or for deposit too?
  • What is the maximum bet for laundering the bonus?
  • What slot machines not allowed to launder the bonus?
  • What are the limits for withdrawal of money per day, per month?
  • What documents do I need to be verified? After that, you upload all the necessary documents before the deposit.
  • Once your account has been verified – ask in the chat room: is my account verified?

Take screenshots of all the answers to your questions. This will later serve as evidence for the licensing authority if there is an unjustified blockage or non-payment of winnings. Also, the screenshots will be useful for filing complaints at gambling forums and websites.

Regarding the maximum bet in slots and prohibited games when playing for a bonus.

In ordinary online casinos, you cannot physically exceed the permitted bet or start playing a prohibited slot machine with an active deposit bonus. But, this is only in regular casinos.

Many, not quite decent casinos do not do this – they do not add this functionality to their website. Why not? After all, technically anything can be done. It’s simple – then the casino will have a legitimate reason not to pay in the event of a big win. Everything you need is spelt out in the rules (which nobody reads). And the fact that you have entered the wrong slot or exceeded the bet is your problem, read the rules.

It would be best if you indeed read the rules, but you also need to provide quality service. Again, technically implementing the slot betting restriction when playing bonuses, or not letting you play a specific slot – perhaps the casino would have wanted to.

So make absolutely everything clear in the chat room, and take screenshots.

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